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If you need a voice actor

2010-05-22 08:42:22 by drdiablo12

I'd be willing to voice act for any flashes.

Asdf collab

2010-01-10 13:15:03 by drdiablo12

i joined the asdf collab and made a comic for it (the comic made it)

if you want to join the collab go to this link: 31634/1

heres my entry:

Asdf collab

L4D collab

2010-01-08 12:39:57 by drdiablo12

I joned the L4D collab as a voice actor, anyone else who wants to join click this link below 21095/1

also heres a forum signature made for the collab

L4D collab

made a picture but...

2010-01-07 21:33:38 by drdiablo12

i made a picture for the little small picture next to my post and all that but... it wont let me post it because it has a transparent background, how do i fix it?

theres the pic

made a picture but...